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Messaging Made Easy.

Type phrases with a tap, customize your keyboard, and save time!

Phraseboard Keyboard is the ultimate utility app with over 20k dowlands and thousands of active users. Download today and enjoy 3 days free trial.

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• Create your most common phrases and sort them by categories.

• Translate your phrases to multiple languages and use them directly in your keyboard.

• Speak mode will ready your phrases out loud.

• Use your phrases in any App right in your keyboard. 

• Chose creative fonts and customize your keyboard with colors & themes of your liking.

• Design your keyboard styles including button and background colors.

• Change keyboard and button size 

• Use all types of Emojis to express your creativity.

• Simply tap a button to send off a quick reply.

• Great tool for business professionals and social media creators!

REMEMBER: In order to have your own phrases show on the keyboard you must allow OPEN ACCESS. Please go to Settings > Keyboard, click on Phraseboard and turn the switch on.

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