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Top iPhone Keyboard Tips and Tricks

You use your iPhone to type everything from notes, messages to emails. If your iPhone is your primary communication device, you spend a shocking quantity of time with the keyboard. But do you know about the 3D Touch gesture that will seriously change the keyboard into a trackpad? Or the fact that there’s a hidden one-handed keyboard mode? No? That’s what we’re here for. Read on to discover out all the fantastic guidelines and hints for the iPhone keyboard.

1. 3D Touch Cursor

If you’re using an iPhone 6s and above, simply press firmly on the keyboard to see it flip into a digital trackpad. Then, you can swipe in any direction and the cursor will move accordingly. Selecting text on a touchscreen is hard. So is precise control over the cursor. This function solves both problems.

You can even use this feature to choose text. Once you’re in the trackpad mode, 3D Touch once more and now when you move your finger, you’ll be choosing highlighted text as well.

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2. Shake to Undo

If you’ve just made a mistake, simply shake your iPhone a bit and you’ll see a popup asking if you prefer to undo the text you just typed.

3. Save Time with Text Replacement

iOS and macOS have a text expansion function built in. This is where you can extend any brief text snippet into a word, sentence or even a paragraph. This can be handy if you want to type your address or a particular chunk of text regularly for your work. Once you create a Text Replacement snippet, it will sync between all your Apple devices automatically using iCloud.

Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Text Replacement and tap on the + icon. Type in the expanded text in the Phrase area and type the snippet in the Shortcut section. Tap on Save when you’re done.

Now, when you type the shortcut, it will automatically expand into the phrase.

4. Shift Key Gesture

If you desire to quickly capitalize a single letter, simply swipe from the Shift key over to any letter. When you elevate the finger, iOS will enter the key in a capital form. The rest of the keyboard will then go back to the regular mode. This is a neat way to keep away from double-tapping the Shift key each time you choose to enter a single capitalized letter.

5. Numbers Key Gesture

Similarly, you can swipe from the 123 number key to expose the numbers and punctuation shortcuts. For instance, you can type in a question mark or a common quickly using this gesture.

6. Dictation

You don’t always need to use the keyboard to type. In fact, iOS has excellent support for speech to text. And it works truly well. Next time you’ve have your hands full, simply tap on the Microphone icon from the bottom row, talk and then tap the Done button to quit dictation.

7. Landscape Keyboard for Plus Models

If you’re using a Plus sized iPhone model, simply change to a landscape orientation when you have the keyboard propped up. You’ll find out a entire new vary of keys. Depending on the app you’re using, you’ll get arrow keys, formatting keys and even cut, copy and paste features right in the keyboard!

8. Disable Predictive Text

If you don’t like iOS’s autocomplete suggestions, you can turn off the Predictive Text feature. Tap and keep on the Globe icon and then tap Keyboard Settings. From this page, scroll to the bottom and then tap on the toggle subsequent to Predictive.

9. One-Handed Mode

iOS 11 brings a new one-handed mode to the iPhone keyboard. Tap and keep on the Globe icon and from the bottom row, pick the icon to dock the keyboard both to the left or the proper edge.

You’ll now see a smaller model of the keyboard which is an awful lot simpler to use with a single hand, particularly on the Plus model. To go returned to the full-width keyboard, tap on the arrow in the empty space next to the docked keyboard.

10. Use a Third Party Keyboard App

Third-party keyboards in iOS have come a long way. Our favored third-party keyboard for iOS is Phraseboard. It offers you a full font keyboard, quick access phrases, and translation all in one keyboard.

After downloading Phraseboard, you’ll have to allow it from Settings.

Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Add Keyboard and then pick out the keyboard.

Then open the keyboard, tap and keep on the Globe icon and pick out your newly set up keyboard to change to it. The Globe key is additionally how you cycle between all the hooked up keyboards.

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